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How does Danis set its prices each week?

In order to arrive at its weekly sales price on Fridays, the Danis Group, the market leader in Belgium, tries to obtain an accurate impression of supply and demand in Belgium and the rest of Europe (especially France, Spain, and Germany).

We use the acquired information to formulate a basic price proposal on Friday mornings.

On Friday afternoons, this basic price proposal is submitted to, and negotiated with, buyers/abattoirs who/which buy heavy pigs from the Danis Group each week. And so, the announced Danis price is not a unilateral price set by a pig seller, but a genuinely negotiated rate which has been tested in advance against the national and foreign markets.

Moreover, this basic price can be supplemented by a surcharge on the basis of quality and/or special specifications, which has been negotiated in advance.

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 DateActual pricePrev. prijsDifference 
|Danis 2018W03€ 0,8600,880-0,020
|Danis 2017W52€ 0,9200,9200,000
|Danis 2016W52€ 1,0501,0200,030
|Danis 2015W53€ 0,8500,8500,000
|DenemarkenW03€ 1,0801,0800,000
|Spanje BarcelonaW03€ 1,0201,0100,010
|Italië MondenaW03€ 1,1701,1600,010
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